Drop Everything


Drop Everything.

I cringe when I see t-shirts and ads that tell me to do this or that, be this, be that. I've got enough on my plate. We all do.

This time I'm asking...I'm begging you to drop everything. Take 5 minutes. Make a phone call to your doctor and book your mammogram.

As far as I know, today is not "Annual Check Your Breasts Day" or the like. It's just another day, with work to do, kids to take care of, laundry to wash, and a million errands to run. It is also when I've recently had two more friends I admire tell me about their new breast cancer diagnoses. It is also just under 13 years since I lost my mother to breast cancer. (wasn't she a beaut?!)

So now, I'm pushing the papers across my desk for later today. And I am making the call for an appointment. Please do it too. It takes time, it's inconvenient, it's not so comfortable, but I need you here. Drop everything.