Marblehead Weekly News Fit Minute: July, 2023 When it comes to exercise, coordination and cognition are just as important as the physical actions. During a workout, your mind is processing and having the body carry out different motions. These aspects are particularly important with Parkinson’s fitness. For this edition of Fit Minute, Kim Crowley, who teaches Parkinson’s fitness at the Council on Aging, detailed the science behind the classes and demonstrated a coordination exercise that can be done by people of all abilities.

Ancore Workout Session: April, 2023 I really like using this unique, easy to transport cable machine with my clients and for myself. The unit was designed and is made right in Salem, MA. Check out the workout I created for Ancore users, above. Interested in purchasing one for your home? My clients get free shipping on orders over $499 by using discount code: KIMLIGHTHOUSE at checkout.


Marblehead Weekly News Fit Minute: March, 2003 Getting in and out of a car, standing up from a desk, and walking or running. All of these movements require hip mobility… a lot of it. Whether you are hopping on a Zoom meeting for work, or watching a newly released movie from the comfort of your own home, many people have been doing a lot of sitting since the beginning of the pandemic. Lighthouse Fitness owner Kim Crowley said hip mobility is an under-discussed effect from everything being done remotely.

Parkinson's Foundation Fitness Fridays: March, 2023 I was proud to be asked to contribute a workout for Parkinson's Foundation's Fitness Fridays video series. Specifically developed for folks with Parkinson’s Disease, but appropriate and beneficial for all, the Parkinson's Fitness Strength in Motion class combines focus on strength, mobility, balance and coordination. We use a resistance band and lightweight dumbbells, although you can also participate just using body weight. We begin in a seated position, and if you are up for it, we’ll stand as well.

MarbleheadHomeStyle_ParkinsonsFitness April 2020 A great profile of the Parkinson's Fitness program and the benefits of exercise, especially for people with Parkinson's Disease.