You can rent out recorded classes to do on your own from anywhere with Wifi.

The Unlimited Virtual Class Pass is $26.99. You receive links to 30 pre-recorded fitness classes that you can access as many times as you want in the Monday-Sunday week you purchase. Individual Single Classes are $7 each. If you purchase a single class, please email Kim at to let her know which class you are purchasing.

Pre-recorded classes include:

BARRE Combines movements derived from ballet with cardio, pilates, balance and strength in a full-body workout.

CARDIO KICKBOXING Get ready to sweat and let it all out. Class incorporates air boxing, kicks, and high intensity aerobic work. No equipment needed.

CARDIO/MUSCLE MIX A full body workout combining cardio drills and strength training, designed to push you to your maximum output.

CORE BLAST Focus on the muscles that stabilize, balance and support your body. Standing and floor exercises used.

GROOVE WITH KIM Low-impact dance fitness class choreographed by Kim, featuring Motown, pop, country and more.

MUSCLE A full body strength workout adaptable to all levels.

PARKINSON’S FITNESS Specifically developed for folks with Parkinson’s Disease, but appropriate and beneficial for all. Class combines focus on strength, mobility and balance. Parkinson’s classes are funded by Parkinson’s Fitness. For more information visit

SENIOR MUSCLE CONDITIONING A full body workout, sensitive to special needs and adaptations for seniors.

SENIOR STRENGTH & STRETCH Our lower impact full body workout focused on balance, mobility and strength.

ZUMBA® A Latin and world music-inspired dance class for all fitness levels.

ZUMBA® GOLD A lower-intensity, Latin and world music-inspired dance fitness class for all abilities.

About Virtual Classes

  • Virtual class participation requires you have Internet access and a computer or mobile device. Your best access is through a direct ethernet cord connection from your router. If you are using Wifi, it is recommended that no other devices in your home are using Wifi at the same time.
  • You do not need to individually register for any Zoom class.
  • Spread out in your living room, kitchen or den, and get ready to sweat!
  • Listen to your body, take breaks when needed. You are in charge of your own safety, as I cannot see you while class is in progress.