It’s Worth Savoring

I met my friend’s significant other last night. He is a doll, and they are clearly in love. Visits are rare, as work and family keep a great distance between the two for most of the year.

As I watched them blissfully gaze at each other, I found myself wanting to fast forward everything. I wanted to have the circumstances right themselves so they could be together all the time. But, I knew they’d miss out on all of the good stuff in between if they skip ahead.

Desperately, I’ve waited and wanted for my child to make strong friendships, urging her to set up hangouts. She was no worse for the wear while I stressed and nagged, and, in due time, she’s made some blossoming friendships.

I have clients that try to double-time their exercises, attempting to rush through them and get them over with faster. They wind up using momentum and poor form, risking injury and reaping little reward.

We sometimes race blindly forward, wishing for when things will be easier, when the money will be less tight, when we will drop the extra pounds, when the workout will be done. When we try to hurry to life’s next step we can miss out on the sweet handhold across the table, the shared laughter with a friend, the small accomplishments, the glory of sunsets and afternoon rain.

I’ll remind myself, it’s all worth savoring. There’s so much good along the path, and in due time your goal will be accomplished.