Live, In-Person Classes Are back in July!

Please Reserve your Spot, as class sizes are limited. You can reserve your space by clicking here or by texting or emailing me at 781-346-5654 or If you must cancel a reservation, this must be done 24 hours before class, or you will be billed. If you are ill or experiencing any fever or medical issues, do not come to the studio please; you will not be charged.

We are also still offering virtual Zoom and recorded classes.

The Unlimited Virtual Class Pass is $24.99, Monday-Sunday. Individual Single Classes are $6 each. You do not need to register for individual classes online. Just enter your class a few minutes before it is set to start using the email link you will be provided upon Virtual Class Pass purchase. If you purchase a single class, please email kim at to let her know which class you are purchasing.

Live, In-Person Classes July, 2021

Virtual Classes July 26 - August 1, 2021

About Group Classes

Some participants like the effective, structured workout in a group class. Others are motivated more than solo exercise, thriving off of the fun, social aspects and community support. Group classes provide variety as well as guidance on form and technique. The group experience also forces participants to be more accountable for attending.